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PROTAC ® is an innovative and socially responsible company, established in Denmark in 1994. All PROTAC ® products have been based on the theories of Dr A. Jean Ayres, the ground breaking occupational therapist based in California, who, in the 1950’s identified and developed the concept now known as sensory integration – the interaction between bodily sensation and the way in which sensation affects behaviour and participation in daily life activities.

Protac Sensory Stimulation Products generally contain plastic balls which stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through their weight and deep, evenly distributed pressure, increasing body awareness which ultimately has a calming effect on the user.

Apollo Healthcare International is proud to be associated with Protac A/S as approved distributors for the complete range of PROTAC ® products throughout the UK and Ireland.

Sensory Integration


Sensory Integration (SI) is the neurological process that organises sensation from one’s own body and the environment. It enables everyday life. 1 For most people, sensory integration develops in the course of ordinary childhood activities.

For some people, sensory integration does not develop as efficiently as it should. This is known as sensory processing disorder (SPD) or dysfunction in sensory integration (DSI).

DSI and SPD are both ways to describe the difficulty some people’s nervous systems have with taking in, integrating and making use of sensory information. This changes how the person then responds to changes in their own body, the environment and how they interact with it and others around them.

SPD can influence self-regulation, movement, learning and interaction with others. 1

SPD can also interfere with skills that support performance, such as engagement and attention, as well as skills that enable the learning of new motor skills. 2

A definition

Sensory Integration sorts, orders and eventually puts all the sensory inputs together into whole brain function. 3  What emerges from this process is increasingly complex behaviour, the adaptive response and occupational engagement.

A theory

Sensory Integration is a theory is based on the concept that brain maturation is the process of the unfolding of genetic coding in conjunction with the interaction of the individual with the physical and social environment.  As a result of experience, there are changes in the nervous system. 4

A process of typical development

Ayres, believed that sensory integration is integral to the process of healthy development when the functions of the brain are whole and balanced, body movements are highly adaptive, learning is easy and good behaviour is a natural outcome. 3

1 Allen and Smith: 2011. 2 Jasmin: 2009 – Cosby: 2010. 3 Dr A. Jean Ayres: 1979. 4 Spitzer and Roley: 2001

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