Protac Ball Blanket™

– a calming and sensory-stimulating aid

Calm, a sense of security and better sleep

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is a recognised aid for helping to relieve sleep disorders and mental and motor restlessness among children, adults and the elderly. The blanket has been developed in line with occupational therapy principles regarding sensory processing, and its effect has been scientifically proven.

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is effective at relieving sleep problems of varying degrees. The blanket can be used as an ordinary duvet at night, or during the day when there is a need to calm the body and mind. Mental and motor restlessness makes it hard to relax and impacts how we sense our bodies. Through the balls’ deep touch-pressure, weight and improved awareness of the body, they create calm, grounding and a sense of security, which ensures better and deeper sleep and more energy during the day.

Sleep disorders

Today, the Protac Ball Blanket™ is used by many people suffering from sleep disorders or chronic fatigue. The blanket has a beneficial effect on sleep disorders, whether stemming from day-to-day worries and stress or pain, anxiety, depression, sensory dysfunction, developmental disorders or mental or neurological disorders.

Sleep disorders quickly lead to restlessness, irritation, hyperactivity, reduced stamina, poor concentration and impaired learning capacity. Persistent insomnia can develop into depression, anxiety and a weakened immune system.

Therapy and training

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is used by therapists and professionals as a tool for sensory stimulation in sensory rooms, Snoezelens – or controlled multisensory environments (MSE) – and in therapy and treatment rooms.

Design, size and weight

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is sewn from cotton or flame-retardant Trevira CS, which is OEKO-TEX-certified according to Standard 100, class I. The blanket is divided into pockets, cassettes or channels which are filled with either plastic balls, granulate and/or polystyrene. The blanket is available in four different versions – premature, baby, junior and adult – with the sizes corresponding to ordinary duvets. The correct blanket size depends on the age and size of the user. The weight and filling of the blanket are assessed according to individual user needs for sensory stimulation.

Protac Ball Blanket™

– now in three series: Classic, Flexible and Calm

Protac Ball Blanket™ Classic

protac ball blanket classicClassic is our series of the well-known Protac Ball Blanket™ which have been further developed and improved. A new addition to the series is a special dementia and pain blanket containing granulate divided into 40 pockets, so the blanket sits snugly around the body. The new dementia and pain blanket can be divided in two and washed in a normal washing machine.

Protac Ball Blanket™ Flexible

protac-ball-blanket-flexibleThe Flexible series is similar to Classic, but as a new feature the blanket is divided into pockets with removable ball bags. The new design makes it possible to build a customised blanket according to the individual user’s needs for sensory stimulation. The loose ball bags and cover can be washed in a normal washing machine.

Protac Ball Blanket™ Calm

protac-ball-blanket-calmCalm is a new series of soothing blankets with less movement. The blanket has been sewn in channels, so the balls lie in long rows. Calm therefore provides a different type of sensory stimulation compared to the other ball blankets. When the Protac Ball Blanket™ Calm is rolled up, it is as compact as an overnight bag and is easy to transport. The adult blanket can be divided in two and washed in a normal washing machine.

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Protac Ball Blanket™
  • Improves proprioception
  • Increases body awareness
  • Relaxing
  • Improves sleep
  • Energising
The new Protac Ball Blanket™ models feature:
  • New specially produced plastic balls that reduce noise to a minimum
  • The new blankets can be washed in a normal washing machine
  • Greater flexibility for the benefit of individual users

Designed, Developed and Manufactured in Denmark

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