Protac Ball Cushion™

– stimulates and encourages a good sitting posture

Concentration and learning

The Protac Ball Cushion™ helps to ensure a dynamic sitting posture and is suitable for both children and adults who, due to mental and motor restlessness, find it hard to sit still and concentrate.

The Protac Ball Cushion™ attaches to the seat of an ordinary shell chair. When the user moves, the balls roll so that the user moves beyond his or her centre of gravity. The body will automatically shift its weight to maintain balance, which stimulates the back and abdominal muscles, which in turn prompts users to correct their posture. For an optimum sitting posture, it is important that the user’s feet are well supported. The Protac Ball Cushion™ is therefore recommended for use with the Protac GroundMe foot and sitting cushion.

School/seated activities

The Protac Ball Cushion provides a helping hand for restless kindergarten children and schoolchildren. The ball cushion is easy to fit, takes up little space in a child’s school bag, and can accompany the child during the day’s activities. Hyperactive children and children with weak muscle tone benefit from the ball cushion’s dynamic and continual stimulation; this encourages a good and varied sitting posture while promoting concentration and learning. Moreover, many adults like being able to use the ball cushion at home and at work.

Therapy and training

Professionals are positive about using the Protac Ball Cushion when teaching children and adults how to train their balance skills. The dynamic seated position means that users are constantly training their sitting balance while stabilising the muscles around their stomach and upper and lower back. The pressure of the balls means that users are more aware of their seat area. This tones up the postural muscles and provides a more correct sitting position, which relieves the back.

Types of ball cushion

The Protac Ball Cushion is available in various sizes and is designed to fit school chairs/ordinary shell chairs, height-adjustable school chairs, high chairs, kindergarten chairs and stools. To achieve the optimum effect of the ball cushion, the chair must not be upholstered.

The ball cushion for school chairs/ordinary shell chairs is available with a single compartment or four sub-compartments, which limits the movement of the balls and helps users with balance problems or an overreactive sensory system.

All the cushions are available with either 38 mm or 25 mm plastic balls, where the 38 mm balls provide the greatest point stimulation and thus the strongest sensory stimulation. The smaller 25 mm balls provide a greater seating surface area, which is a good idea if the user is thin or particularly sensitive.

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Protac Ball Cushion™
  • Relieves restlessness
  • Strengthens balance and sensibility
  • Trains the back and abdominal muscles
  • Promotes a good sitting posture
  • Promotes concentration and learning

Designed, Developed and Manufactured in Denmark

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