Protac GroundMe ®

– provides calm and a sense of connection

Concentration and learning

Protac GroundMe ® is a dynamic footstool and cushion for children, adults and the elderly who, due to mental and motor restlessness, find it difficult to sit still and concentrate for longer periods of time. Like both the footstool and the cushion, it stimulates the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense, and contributes to calm, concentration and improved learning for the user. Protac GroundMe ® also ensures a more optimal sitting posture and helps restless feet.  Protac GroundMe ®works well with the Protac Ball Cushion®

Seated activities

At school and when seated, Protac GroundMe acts as a stabilising cushion that supports the feet and ensures a good starting point for a good sitting posture. Thanks to its sensory-stimulating effect, Protac GroundMe also helps children who are restless when sitting, either because they find it difficult to touch the floor or because they are constantly seeking sensory input through their feet. Adults and the elderly with restless legs can benefit from Protac GroundMe when, for example, they are working, eating or relaxing on the sofa. As a cushion for sitting on, Protac GroundMe is also frequently used, for example when groups of children in kindergartens come together in a circle on the floor.

Therapy and training

Protac GroundMe is used by therapists and professionals as a tool for motor training children. The cushions can, for example, be placed on the floor as part of a treatment session for training and exercising the children’s balance and coordination skills.

Design and sizes

Protac GroundMe has a foam base, above which there is a layer of loose plastic balls enclosed in an elastic outer cover. The practical straps on each side of the cushion make it easy to carry around and hang up on a hook when not in use. Protac GroundMe is available in two sizes, 10 cm high and 20 cm high, to match the individual user.

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Protac GroundMe®
  • Increases grounding
  • Calms restless feet
  • Promotes a good
  • sitting posture
  • Promotes calm and
  • concentration
  • Supports learning

Designed, Developed and Manufactured in Denmark

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