Protac MyBaSe ®

– strengthens balance and body awareness

Calmness and a sense of security

Protac MyBaSes ®is a specially designed air mattress with balls which is designed to promote sensory stimulation, calmness and a sense of security for children, adults and the elderly with sensory disorders or mental and motor restlessness. Protac MyBaSe ® provides a secure base where the senses are stimulated whether the user is standing, walking, crawling, rolling or lying. Protac MyBaSe ® has two sides: an active side and a stable side. The active side is for when the user needs to exercise his or her sense of balance, while the stable side is for when the user needs to relax and be calm.

Applications in practice

Today, Protac MyBaSe is used in kindergartens, day care institutions, sensory rooms, Snoezelens, treatment and therapy rooms, schools, sheltered housing, hospital rehabilitation departments and drop-ins.

Alternative support

Protac MyBaSe is a good alternative for wheelchair users, who need to change position during the day. The loose balls cause the body to sink slightly into the mattress, so the body is supported, enveloped and stimulated. The deep pressure of the balls highlights the body’s boundaries for greater body awareness and peace.

Therapy and training

Protac MyBaSe is used by therapists and professionals for sensory stimulation and sensory processing treatment for children, adults and the elderly. Protac MyBaSe is also used for motor training as it challenges and trains the sense of balance when the user rolls, crawls or walks on the mattress. The mattress is easy to move around, and the active and passive sides make it possible to adapt treatment to the user’s individual needs.


Protac MyBaSe can be pumped up in two to three minutes using the accompanying pump. The balls in the mattress are distributed between four compartments, which together form a large ball bag which is contained by the elasticated cover. The cover has a zip, so it is easy to remove and wash in a normal washing machine. Protac MyBaSe has four strap handles on each side of the mattress which can be zipped away. The handles facilitate moving and turning the mattress. When Protac MyBaSe is not in use, it can be placed vertically up against a wall so that it does not take up floor space.

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Protac MyBaSe®
  • Supports and envelopes the body
  • Reinforces body awareness
  • Calms and relaxes
  • Trains balance and coordination
  • Acts as a secure base

Designed, Developed and Manufactured in Denmark

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