Protac MyFit ®

– improves body awareness and has a calming effect

Concentration and learning

Protac MyFit is a calming vest that has a grounding effect on children, adults and the elderly suffering from mental and motor restlessness in stressed situations, hyperactivity and anxiety. The pleasant weight and touch-pressure from the tight fitting vest clearly delimits the body and strengthens the sense of body awareness, which has a calming effect.

School and work

Children and adults with concentration and learning difficulties can benefit from using Protac MyFit at school or work. Schoolchildren, for example, can also wear the vest during breaks if they find it difficult to play with other children without being directed by an adult. Preschool children can use the vest during group activities, when eating, or when playing inside or outside. For adults who have difficulties concentrating, Protac MyFit can help in educational contexts, when working at a computer or when reading.

Daily activities

For adults suffering from anxiety and restlessness, Protac MyFit is a great help when they need to do the shopping, do some gardening, go into the workshop or do some cooking. In the case of clients at sheltered workshops, the increased body awareness which comes from wearing the vest has a calming effect while improving attention spans.

Violent behaviour

Protac MyFit can be an effective help to alleviate aggression, anxiety and self-harming behaviour for the benefit of the persons in question and their surroundings.

Therapy and training

Protac MyFit is used by therapists and professionals in connection with sensory processing treatment and motor training in balance and coordination. The vest is also used for children and adults who find it difficult to cooperate, collect their thoughts and concentrate, for example during cognitive training, speech therapy, ADL training or treatment according to the principles of Affolter, Bobath and Coombes (ABC concept). The vest is used to treat the effects of cerebral haemorrhage in adults to strengthen their sense of balance, reduce spasticity and counter sensory disturbances. Protac MyFit can also be helpful in relation to working with pain patients, as it increases focus on the body, encourages an upright posture and relaxes tense muscles.

Design and sizes

Protac MyFit is made of an elastic material so that it sits close to the body. The balls are distributed in channels on the front and back of the vest. A simple lace system in the back and sides makes it possible to adapt the vest according to individual need and ensure the greatest possible sensory stimulation. The laces are hidden making the MyFit safe to use.

The fashionably designed vest is available
in two models:

– Protac MyFit with 38 mm balls for children and adults.
– Protac MyFit with 25 mm balls and velcro opening on shoulders for adults only. This model is especially suitable for physically weak persons with limited mobility, e.g. elderly, persons suffering from dementia or neurological disorders.

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Protac MyFit®
  • Grounds the user
  • Strengthens body awareness
  • Calming effect
  • Counteracts stress, restlessness and anxiety
  • Promotes learning

Designed, Developed and Manufactured in Denmark

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